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  • Sharon Kkt

    Sharon Kkt

    too school for cool.

  • Zanda


    Recruitment firm supporting high growth startups. Specifically focused in supporting Tech Founders, CFO’s & VC’s. https://www.zandasearch.com/

  • Saumya Shah

    Saumya Shah

  • Kunal Ahirwar

    Kunal Ahirwar

    Entrepreneur with a love for technology and Football. Co-founder and CEO, Earnvestt Technologies

  • Jamal Aghayev

    Jamal Aghayev

    Lean Startup Methodologist | Startup Strategist | Coordinator at Innovation Agency Azerbaijan | Owner of Startup School Azerbaijan | Futurist | Innovator |

  • Elena Obukhova

    Elena Obukhova

    Entrepreneur & Business Strategist, Founder & CEO at FAS | Fintech Advisory Services

  • Jay Menon

    Jay Menon

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