Kunal Ahirwar, Cofounder and CEO of Earnvestt

Decentralized marketplaces have become a buzz word with the recent developments of Blockchain. The idea of a globally connected, permission-less, self-executing ecosystem for transactions does open up exciting avenues for the financial markets and trade in general. It allows the possibility of eliminating all middlemen involved in transactions and potentially bring down costs across the supply chain. We come across multiple decentralized marketplaces in our day to day life. The street food market, the shopping complex, the vegetable market we see on the street are different levels of decentralized marketplaces in the physical world where buyers and sellers negotiate for…

Kruti Arora, Founder, Vivaa Consulting

“You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will determine how they will react,” says entrepreneur and investor John Rampton. This succinctly summarizes the role PR can play in the life of a startup. The start of a founder’s journey is a time of exhilarating beginnings — finding the best programmers, putting together a winning sales team, and acquiring the most viable customer accounts for their pathbreaking product/service. Yet, statistics show us how even the best-laid plans and stellar teams can quickly dissipate into oblivion because of a few foundational missteps. IBM’s…

Anirudha Modak,
Founder & Principal Consultant,
Guru on Tap Consulting

So, we have all read about and try to implement the 7 good habits as articulated by renowned author Stephen Covey in his book. Of course, how well have we understood what he wants to say and how effective are we in implementing them, is the topic of an article not yet written by me.

The topic of this article is the 7 “Bad” habits, that many founders display, which has a strong negative impact on the success of their startups.

However, before I start, let me clarify that the…

Have you heard of Fyre Festival? Several documentaries have been made about this music event fiasco. If you drill down the case, you will see it was all about vanity metrics. Using inflated and falsify metrics, the management garnered trust from the investors and secured funding. The scam has raised numerous questions about the style of working of the start-ups. One industry that has faced a significant challenge in the recent past is Fintech or the Wealth Management Industry that may or may not use technology for the advisory purpose.

So, what should be the right business approach? Why should…

Matthew O’Mara

The Insurance Industry in the US and Europe has very well defined standards with limited functionality and usability of its operational model to adapt to changing customer demands and technological innovation. Many providers servicing these markets are doing so with antiquated distribution models, limited product/service options, aging workforces, and monolithic systems. Innovation has been difficult to incubate, as the inertia (or lack thereof) of the prevailing models ultimately constrain design thinking.

Where do we go from here as an Industry? Carriers, consultants and technologists are looking at the problem in these markets, to be sure. However, they are…

Incubator models have been developed since 1985 by various consultants and researchers, and according to an article, there are over 20 plus incubation models! Since incubation models are built to address the anticipated demands of struggling entrepreneurs in the market. As innovation picks up speed, new business challenges emerge in a dynamic market scenario. This makes it imperative for the incubation models to fluidly morph to be able to help businesses become financially viable and freestanding. …

Wearable Device Technology
2020 promises to be generously peppered with more disruptive and iterative solutions in FinTech. FinTech partnerships with the ‘Wearable Devices’ technology space will emerge as the catalyst in Indian financial markets. With the global expenditure in the wearables market — including smart activity monitors, ear-worn gadgets, watches, clothing and more; projected to hit an estimate of $52 billion this year, FinTech startups will increasingly explore this segment.

Although in India, this is still a niche domain owing to consumer preferences towards smartphones, these devices are garnering greater interest as lifestyle additions. Leveraging IoT, wearables technology development in…

Turning Points that cleared out paths and sharpened my focus

I don’t take the phrase “turning point” lightly for I am all too aware of the weight hidden in these seemingly casual words strung together. Oftentimes it takes more than one incident, one aha moment and one flare of inspiration for a dream/vision/idea to truly come together. There could be multiple “turning points” that clear out the path and sharpen your focus.

I worked in different domains including media, telecom and was even part of the early dotcom tide. But my foraying into payments was certainly the first turning point…

Incubators, globally, have become an ecosystem with an array of initiatives that stimulate and support economic growth

There is a critical scope for learning and improving our global position as a startup hub

The support of an incubator could be just the shot-in-the-arm the inhibited innovator of today needs

In the 1950s, the small city of Batavia started leasing out industrial space to incubate surplus chickens, essentially turning into an egg farm or an ‘incubator’. No more limited to the humble egg farm, today business incubation is considered a powerful tool in both developed and developing economies.

Incubators, globally, have…

If I had to recommend a book to someone, I would suggest any of the Calvin & Hobbes series and the line from the last strip that Bill Waterson wrote has more or less defined the way I approach life in general, “It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy, let’s go exploring”.

Thankfully, this mantra is one that was easily imbibed in my professional life as well. My career has been dotted with experience across diverse spaces including the media and telecom industries, that helped me create a bank of valuable insights that I was fortunate enough to gather, before I turned into an entrepreneur. During my early years in the corporate life, I worked on a lot of interesting and challenging projects many of which were focused on financial inclusion.

In the next chapter of my professional life when I turned into an Entrepreneur as the co-founder of Eatelish, a passion…

Afthonia Lab

Afthonia focuses on early stage startups in Fintech and provides them with a trusted ecosystem to grow and succeed. #incubator

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