Does your startup need PR?

Kruti Arora, Founder, Vivaa Consulting

“You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will determine how they will react,” says entrepreneur and investor John Rampton. This succinctly summarizes the role PR can play in the life of a startup. The start of a founder’s journey is a time of exhilarating beginnings — finding the best programmers, putting together a winning sales team, and acquiring the most viable customer accounts for their pathbreaking product/service. Yet, statistics show us how even the best-laid plans and stellar teams can quickly dissipate into oblivion because of a few foundational missteps. IBM’s study from a few years back shockingly pegged the startups failure in India at 90% whereas a recent NASSCOM study states that 70% of Indian startups have less than three months of cash available in their banks. It further reveals that another 22% barely have enough to make it to the year-end.

So, what goes wrong? There can be numerous lapses in judgment in the early days for a startup — right from misunderstanding market need, to miscalculating the funds needed to take off or even arriving at the correct business model that makes their innovation sustainable, scalable, and ultimately profitable. However, even if a startup does get all these factors right, success may still be elusive.

Having a sound public relations/ communications strategy can be a crucial differentiator that can help a startup break out into the market effectively, build a presence among target customers and investors effectively and win crucial consumer trust in the early days of its journey. And here’s why:

In a digital-first world, driving conversations that are relevant, authentic, and valuable to the end consumer can be an effective way for brands to engage with their audiences. A great PR team gives your ideas visibility and amplification, working as a powerful launchpad to help your startup lift off the ground and towards sustainable growth.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions provided in the article are of the individual author.



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